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I was fortunate to try your Easter eggs this year and i can honestly say now i have tried them i wont be looking back! They are super fresh, Marshmallow is an amazing texture/taste and the chocolate is rich and decedent. Absolutely loved loved the Pineapple flavour, i could have eaten a whole box myself. We gave the plain and peppermint to the in-laws and the feedback too was we are getting these next year. Love how they were half and egg also so you don't feel so bad going back for the other half lol! Can't wait to try out your other choco's

C. J. Kemp, Hamilton


Every time I open a Queen Anne chocolate box the very familiar chocolate aroma takes me back to many many years ago when Mum used to take us to the milk bar (in Wellington) that sold QA confectionery. What great memories! I love the soft centres and especially the Easter and Xmas marshmallow goodies. I refrigerate so I can pull off the hard choccie and then eat the marshmallow!

J. Autridge, Wellington


I am thrilled to see your gorgeous big easter eggs back as I am a Coeliac - thank you Sarah.

Y.Clarke, Paraparaumu


When I was doing my nursing training in Palmerston North back in the 70's, I remember going to the shop on Broadway that sold Queen Anne chocolates . The chocolates were AMAZING.... but the Easter eggs were something else!! Chocolate sooo thick, it snapped, and the marshmallow - velvety white white!! It's nice to know nothing has changed and they still taste just as good.... then there is the chocolate hearts which I had recently....well they are to die for .....YUM!! Thank you Sarah for continuing on with your Grandad's legacy, he would be so proud. :)

M.Watson, New Plymouth


Queen Anne chocolate mousse dark chocolate marshmallow eggs are absolutely fantastic, Please never take them off the market. We bought 10 packets and wish now we'd bought 20. And no, we're not sharing them with friends - devouring the lot ourselves.

L.CULLINANE, Christchurch


As a child it was always an exciting treat on Easter Sunday to see whether or not Easter Bunny had been. He always left us a beautiful Queen Anne easter egg and they have always been my favourites. They used to come wrapped in bright foil. Also Dad used to give Mum a 1lb box of Queen Anne chocolates on her birthday and their wedding anniversary every year, always wrapped in lovely coloured cellophane and we kids used to be lined up to have a taste. I have always loved Queen Anne chocolate and have very happy memories of this, keep up the good work Sarah Adams, I will be tracking down some Queen Anne chocolate to enjoy again.

J., Upper Hutt


My husband bought me a box of milk chocolate marshmallow half eggs for Easter. They were the best marshmallow eggs I'd tasted since I was 10 and a friend shared a large half egg with me, which in hindsight, must have been Queen Anne. Her family had more money than ours so I thought it must have been very expensive. I never saw them again but the factory must have closed down shortly afterwards. The marshmallow is so dense and smooth and the chocolate snaps, not crumbles like all the rest. Thank you for making them again - I will be a regular customer!

S.Matla, Otaki


I have found an old letter dated 26th December 1943, written by a soldier hiding from the Germans in a small village in Umbria near Perugia, Italy where I live. Unfortunately the letter was never posted but Dennis mentions to his sister Doreen that he will send a box of Queen Annes to the young daughter of the house where he is being looked after when he returns home from the war. I have not been able to trace Dennis but I imagine he is from New Zealand and cosiders that Queen Annes are a very special gift to someone who helped him through extremely difficult times. Kind regards Ann Clarke

A.Clarke, Citta di Castello (Perugia) Italy



I have very fond memories of Adams Bruce in Upper Hutt, NZ. Often, my mother would ask me to purchase her favourite biscuits after school. I've never forgotten the beautiful smell as I entered the store. I loved the decor too. The Queen Anne chocolates were displayed on one side and the biscuits on the other and you could purchase them by the pound. There weren't any other stores like Adams Bruce - lovely memories. Our Adams Bruce store in Upper Hutt was different and very special. The banana splits were delicious too.

A.Bailey, Melbourne



I am 62 years old and have been living in Perth West Australia since 1978. I dearly remember the Adams Bruce shop in Onehunga Auckland where I grew up. It was always a delight to go shopping on Friday night and visit Adams Bruce and get a bag of great biscuits. This was back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I still remember clearly the shop and the thrill of eating those biscuits and every time a see a bake house here in Perth all those wonderful childhood memories flood back. Thank you Paul Cameron

P.Cameron, Perth Australia



During 1938, one of the employees, who was apparently related to me would visit me often at Wellington hospital where I was having a major operation by the celebrated surgeon Sir. Alexander Gillies. This young lady would bring a stack of Queen Anne chocalate blocks and these were always shared with other patients who were suffering varied bone disorders. I was 15 years of age at the time and throughout my years I remember these lovely flavoured nut and plain chocs. Well done Adams Bruce.

G.Thompson, Tauranga


Queen Anne Chocolates brings back wonderful childhood memories of sitting in Adams Bruces in Levin with my grandmother chatting and eating the most delicious butterscotch sundaes.
My grandmother always had a box of chocolates in her bedroom (Queen Anne) and one of the highlights of visiting her was being allowed to choose one!



As a small child my Grandmother took me to Adams Bruce coffee lounge in Hastings,we had hot chocolate in Royal Dalton cups,and on the way out a bag of Queen Anne chocolates and a Queen Anne Easter egg. From that day I developed a love of Queen Anne Easter eggs and every year since I am asked what sort of Easter egg I would like,and every time it is Queen Anne. Sadley for a long time they were not available,since there return I bulk buy,and long may they be avaliable,I am 60 odd and hope they will always be around.

M.Locke, Auckland



My name was Ramona Jonasen then when I worked for Queen Anne Chocolates in College Street Wellington from 1941 - 1946. I dripped and design chocolates. It was a good company to work for. One Christmas the lads threw me into a vat of chocolate that was being cleaned out because I was finishing working there. Don't worry the vat was being cleaned out.

R.Pender, 37 Newall street Kawerau 3127



When I was a child growing up in raumati beach north of wellington. I remember mum taking me to wellington on the train and the highlight was to go to the queen anne chocolate shop and milk bar. I remember the yummy sundaes and the choc covered orange peel and we would bring a huge bag of seconds home

J.Jackson, Christchurch



When I was a child in Gisborne we could buy Queen Anne turtles. My older sister would buy one for me as a special treat. This was in the 1950s early 60s! The store was next to the picture theatre. Everyone in Gisborne knew and loved the store!

S.Fitzgerald, Auckland (formerly Gisbourne)


As I recall around 1960 Adams Bruce had a shop on the right hand side of Queen St facing the waterfront. On Friday evenings they weighed every piece of cake and chocolates left in stock. I knew a young girl ,Shirley that worked there and maybe I would get a free ice cream if I took a big bag of copper coins, pennies and half pennies up Queen St to a late opening hamburger bar called Curries as they needed the small change. Great chocolates and cake. Very clean and strict management. I had nearly forgotten about that but came across this site by accident. Cheers Bill

B.Parkinson, Auckland



As a young child I lived in Avondale in Auckland and we often went to the Avondale shops where one of the big treats was to go into the Adams Bruce cake shop. For a youngster it was the pinnacle of delight, icecream, large contertop jars of biscuits with shiny metal lids, and if it was a very special occasion the purchase of some Queen Anne chocolates. They were the creme de la creme of the chocolate world and you knew it was someone important and loved if your mother bought these for anyone.
I think you may have been able to sit down in booths and have lunch and my untrustworthy memory is of a dimly lit gracious place. I don't think we did this very often as we didn't have a lot of money to eat out.

G.Comley, Napier


I grew up as part of an extended family of 11 children but never knew my maternal grandmother as she died during the second world war. I have a wonderful aunt who was a great help to my mother and like a fairy godmother to myself and my brothers and sisters. Whenever we asked about our grandmother and the circumstances of her death my aunt would tell how dreadful it was for herself, my mother and their brother as their mother had died while their father was away at the war and was missing in action at the time of her death. As a result,the children were sent to stay with their aunts and uncles until after the war when their father fortunately returned. My aunt always recalled that all she had wanted for her birthday that year was a 1lb box of Queen Anne assorted chocolates but as her birthday is 24th December and her mother had died she never got them. So, I was delighted when you started production again and every year since I have bought her some Queen Anne chocolates. The first time she cried when she opened her parcel and was overwhelmed that I had always remembered her telling me the story. This year she will turn 83 and after a recent bout of pneumonia I need to find the 1lb assorted box which I have never seen on sale. Sarah if you could advise me which retailers have stock of this product in Christchurch or Rangiora I would be very grateful. A lot of people particularly from my mothers and Aunts era have many fond memories of the Queen Anne shops and products.Congratulations
on taking the plunge and achieving what you have.

L.Crawford, Rangiora



I have vivid gustatory memories of my Great Uncle Les sharing a HUGE chocolate with me.It was a cherry liqueur. A cherry fondant base with cherry brandy liqueur & I think a cherry, all covered in chocolate(dark I think) nestled in a paper cup.
Are these made any more?

S.McPherson, Christchurch



In the 1930s, amongst a very extensive list of varieties - Queen Anne were making two varieties of Pineapple chocolates - Pineapple Crush, and Pineapple Cream.

D.Zam, Mount Kembla



Dear Sarah, During the 1950's through to the closing of the Colombo Street store, I would once a week pop in for some chocolates and the beautiful ice cream. Just superb. Barbara

B.McKeage, Christchurch


I have just recently found out that my husband's Great Grandfather John Bruce's brother Hugh was part of Adams Bruce. I am in my 60s and as a child I can remember my mother taking me on the bus from Manurewa to Otahuhu and we used to visit the Adams Bruce shop. Oh that wonderful ice-cream and the magnificant chocolates. Even today my daughters hunt out a box of chocolates or christmas bells for me for Christmas and birthdays. I would really appreciate if you are able to provide me with any information or photos regarding Hugh for my genealogy. Congratulations for carrying on with your wonderful chocolates. Kind regards, Lynette Bruce

L.Bruce, Pukekohe


We stumbled across the pineapple nougat and simply had to test these chocolates. Every bite was just heaven. They taste of pineapple without being overpowering. A delightful balance of the texture of nougat with the fresh fruit taste and dark chocolate complementing the sensational mix. We cannot stop ourselves recommending them to all our friends again and again.

T.Boronski, Auckland


My mother was born in Dunedin and a big Fan of Adams Bruce fare. As a child growing up in Otahuhu Auckland there was an Adams Bruce Shop. My mum had a sweet tooth and we kids always new that if we went into the Adams Bruce Shop we were in for a treat. Sometimes a Mello Jello or Ginger bar, sometimes an icecream Great memories

B.Gee, Auckland



Queen Anne Chocolate Caramels..... As a child I believed these were the best possible treat I could receive. When I was age 11, I spent a period of time in hospital having my appendix removed. The hospital food was terrible and I lost my appetite - and an awful lot of weight. It was a great joy to be released from hospital and go home. When I walked into my bedroom, there on my pillow was a large bag of Queen Anne Chocolate Caramels. A gift from my mother - such a thoughtful and perfect gift and I have never forgotten the joy.

D.Penney, Kerikeri



Queen Anne chocolates have been a family tradition in my family since the 1940s. My grandmother used to enjoy them and my father used to buy them for me as a treat.

They are by far my favourite chocolates! I introduce friends to them with xmas gifts and birthday gifts and get comments as to how delicious they are.

L.Hargreaves, Auckland



My story is set in Palmerston North, I was about 13 years old so it would have been the end of 1963 and the beginning of 1964. I obtained my first Christmas holiday job and it was selling icereams in the Adams Bruce shop in Broadway Avenue Palmerston North. I remember the shop well , it sold cakes, biscuits chocolates, icecreams and iceream sundaes. There were tables and chairs set out along one wall for the patrons to sit and eat their icecreams and a very long counter the length of the shop along the other wall. It would be very busy when it was half time at the pictures (the Cinema was a few doors down the street)and there would be long queues so we used to 'pre-roll' icereams when it was quiet and have them ready in the fridge so people didn't miss any of the movie because they had to wait too long.
I remember the boss(probably the manager) she was a tall lady with what I used to call 'corrugated iron hai'r which used to be achieved by using those metal butterfly type hair curler clips.

K.Egerton(Palmer), Nelson


I remember Adams Bruce, Ernest Adams and Queen Anne chocolates. I worked in the College Street factory in Wellington during some school holidays in 1974. I did a few things, but I spent a fair bit of time on the third floor helping the ice-cream maker (Moray Procter - that's how it's pronounced: dunno about the first name spelling). It was very nice ice cream. Of the chocolates, my favourite product was chocolate raisins. But the name and product had a splendid reputation, and I'm impressed that your business still exists. I've recently returned to NZ from Australia, where I lived 25 years. If I get on my feet financially, I'll make a point of visiting Christchurch, and while I'm there, I'll make a point of visiting your business. Regards Steve Hardie.

S.Hardie, Dannevirke



We used to live in Avonhead. Some Friday nights we would go to "town" and go into the city and shop. As children, we always knew that mean't we would go to Queen Anne and have an ice cream sundae. My favourite was Caramel.

S.Wolfe, Green Bay, WI, USA



I have been enjoying the Queen Anne Easter eggs for years now and look forward to each Easter for their arrival....and then try to save the experience for as many weeks as I can afterwards although because they are so yummy it is hard. The dark chocolate ones are my favourite but also this year I tried the Mint eggs and found them to be very delicious so that will be added to my shopping list from now on....the younger members of our family also gave them the pick tick :) My 88 year old Mother-in-law says the Queen Anne eggs tasted as good as yesteryear!

N.Hollis, Auckland



my neice and my sister came from ch-ch to have a breakaway from the earthquakes and bring me up to dated. then the queen anne chocolates came out of the case. o/ the delight and joy and old time stories. my story is of the 50 when my mother used to take me to the colombo st store. i would get a scoop of ice cream with runny chocolate sauce. delicious. then a small bag of hokey pokey chocolate with real peppermint dips. ( to die for ). all my mother had to say if i was naughty. NO ANNIE SWEETS how i enjoy them. now i have the same pleasure again. o/ happy memorys keep up the chocolate work. greatful thanks.

d.o'connor, kingsbury australia



Growing up in Gisborne 1950s 1960s from memory there was an Adams Bruce shop in the main shopping area, and I remember my father biking home from work with a special treat of Queen Anne chocolates.... and I also remember going into the shop with my Mum and being allowed to choose just a few special chocolates! So good to see a NZ made brand still around.

S.Blackburn, Auckland



When I was a pupil at Wellington East Girls' College from 1955 to 1959, once a month we would walk down to Courtenay Place to the Adams Bruce shop for an ice cream sundae. It was ice cream to die for - just like the chocolate.

I would buy some chocolate ginger - about six or eight pieces and would hold it in my mouth, not even sucking, to prolong the glorious taste as long as possible.

W.Zemanek, Wellington



My family emigrated from the Netherlands to Christchurch in the late 1950s. Our first Easter here caused a lot of homesickness as we yearned for our Dutch chocolates and Easter eggs. All our friends got those hard coloured candy eggs much to my mother's disbelief! I still remember my mother's excitement several year's later when she discovered the Queen Anne shop in Colombo Street. Every time we went to town we visited the shop for a treat and best of all Easter was redeemed for us as, every year, we all received Queen Anne eggs! Oh what delight and what fabulous memories of my childhood!! Thank you so much for resurrecting Queen Anne!!

J.Rosewall, Timaru



I worked for Adams Bruce in their Petone shop in 1948 for a few months before I joined the Services. I absolutely adored the Marshmallow bars they were just so....oo delicious. It was the marshmallow that was so different to any other at the time. Are they still available? If so where in the North Island? I loved working there the staff were great Mrs Hart the Manageress, Mrs Tui Stewart and the visiting Supervisor Miss Judd. Miss Judd was a real taskmaster but very fair and a likeable lady. The memories of those bars still lingers today. Natalie Huggard

N.Huggard, Waitakere City



The Queen Anne Shop in Christchurch was in Colombo Street (I think). Every time I and my twin sister Marjory did a piano exam (and we did lots of them), mum would take us to the Queen Anne shop afterwards for a treat. This was the ice cream sundae with caramel sauce and pink wafer which was consumed with great enthusiasm by us. Never to be forgotten. I kept playing the piano right through university days. Maybe Queen Anne contributed to my interest in music. Who knows?

F.Williams, Christchurch



Congratulations on the successful comeback of this gorgeous brand - I'm only new to it, being born in 1975, but I'm already a devoted fan. The selections are so unusual but delicious, and the quality is excellent. They're perfect for a treat for myself or a gift for family and friends.

D.Va, Ponsonby



In 1949 at the age of 21 I became the accounant, newly qualified, for the Auckand Branch. I am now 83 and I have so many memories of the Branch ,the factory, the people and the 17 Auckland Branch shops We all took a pride in the names Queen Anne and Adams Bruce, so well known then through out the North Island.

N.Ashby, Auckland



Visiting the Adams Bruce store in Hamilton for a treat on Friday nights circa 1970s). The Caramel Sundae was always my pick. Have not tasted such delicious Caramel since although I have tried to make it myself and never come close.

S.Hamid, Hamilton



Kismet -I remember these, they were my amazing mothers faviourite, Dad would buy them for her, loose in a paper bag or in a box. There was a Queenanne shop in Columbo Street.We would hear the story of when they would go there in their courting days. He must of brought them for over 40years until the shop closed. I would so love to get her some she is 89years old now



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